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I'm James, I partner with innovation groups and startups to build the best teams and products possible.
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I’m James Thomason. I’ve been building startup companies in Silicon Valley for twenty years, first as an engineer, then later as a hands-on innovation and strategy leader. My career started in the earliest days of the public Internet when my focus was on building infrastructure.

As the Internet grew, I moved on to software product development. For the last ten years, my focus has been on cloud computing and virtualization.  Right now my technical interests are in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. I have always been passionate about user experience, product design, and team building.

I’ve led two cloud computing startups in the last few years to successful acquisitions.  My career track record as a startup leader and engineer totals $1.1B in value returned to investors.   Today, I engage with innovation groups and startup companies to help them build the best teams and products possible.



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