Hi, I'm James Thomason.
Are you an entrepreneur ready to transform your tech startup into a market leader? Are you a leader striving for innovation within your corporate environment? Or are you an investor aiming to maximize your startup portfolio's success?

No matter your goal, I'm here to empower your technology endeavors with expertise, guidance, and strategic support.

For Founders
Ignite your startup's success with expert guidance. I'll empower you to overcome the hurdles of funding, team building, and product development, helping you build the extraordinary product that will drive your startup's success.

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For Corporate Innovators
Foster a culture of innovation within your company. Together, we can transform innovative ideas into reality, spin off new ventures, and strategize for acquisitions, creating exceptional value and growth for your organization.

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For Investors
Maximize the return on your investments and ensure the startups in your portfolio reach their full potential. Benefit from strategic guidance, expert mentorship, and due diligence services to safeguard your investments.

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How I Help You Create Success

In the dynamic world of technology and entrepreneurship, having a seasoned expert by your side can make all the difference. Here's how I can help you navigate the complexities and seize the opportunities in your journey:

Exceptional Leadership
With a whole career track record that includes over $1.1B in successful acquisitions and IPOs, and $200M in venture capital raised, I bring strategic insights and guidance that transform teams and companies.
Technical Expertise
Leverage my knowledge that spans UX design, software engineering, machine learning, automation, cloud computing, IoT, and hyperscale data center infrastructure to navigate technical challenges and opportunities.
Having co-founded and led several startups to successful exits, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge and strategic insights to help navigate the intricacies of the startup world.
Driving Innovation
My passion is fanning the sparks of creative collaboration into the fires of innovation. With a penchant for problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking, we'll pioneer fresh ideas that set your venture apart and propel it forward."
Not all innovations come from startups. I've fostered substantial innovations within large corporations like Dell, leading teams of hundreds of engineers in creating transformative products.
I provide expert guidance in crafting and executing powerful technology and go-to-market strategies. Together, we'll identify opportunities, leverage trends, and orchestrate tactics that steer your business towards success.
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What People Say
  • Sri V.
    CTO at Atlassian
    It was a pleasure working with James. He took on the project of upgrading our network infrastructure and negotiated great deals with our vendors. The end result was a huge savings in our expenses. He also worked closely with engineering and built a virtualization solution for linux which helped us to use our hardware efficiently and save costs again. James was looked up by other ops and engineering people as an architect and leader. He is a team player and always thought about Ning first. I am happy to provide more specifics.

  • Brian P.
    Dir. Software Engineering at Dell
    He drives long term architecture, and is then able to translate that to the development team. He stays engaged with the development team to HELP them get it right (not just tell them what to do). He is inspirational, and due to his deep technical knowledge he gains the trust of the team and they willingly follow his lead. He has strong opinions, is decisive, and due to the credibility he builds with teams he is listened to. He was the perfect architect/CTO partner for my development team.

  • Antoni S.
    Programmer at Google
    James is an exceptional visionary and a true leader. As a CTO he redefined our strategy and driven the company to unravel its full potential. Inspired the team to go through a remarkable transformation from a moderate storage startup to a Gartner recognized industry leader. Deep technical background allows James to have an unprecedented insight in to challenges facing IT industry and predict future directions it will likely undertake. James possesses unparalleled executive leadership skills, able to effortlessly mentor and coach teams to success. People instantly recognize and follow his sheer charisma.
  • Avinash A.
    VP Engineering at Gale
    As the CTO, James provided technology and architecture leadership. But, in reality, he provided a lot more than that. He made special efforts to get to know everyone in the engineering team, and was with the team as we struggled and as we celebrated our successes. He is down to earth, and is very good at listening to suggestions and making changes based on them. James helped make the case for migrating from waterfall to scrum, supported the team as we migrated, and backed engineering whenever anyone in management doubted them. His technical depth, operational experience and expertise in software development methodologies make him a valuable partner. Most of all, because of his collaborate attitude, he is a pleasure to work with.
Questions and Answers
Q: What kind of services do you offer for founders?
I provide strategic guidance and support for founders, including help with funding, team building, product development, and scaling the startup.
Q: How do you support corporate innovators?
I assist corporate innovators in fostering a culture of innovation, transforming ideas into products, spinning off new ventures, and strategizing for acquisitions.
Q: What can you do for investors and venture capitalists?
For investors and venture capitalists, I offer strategic guidance, mentorship to startups in their portfolio, due diligence services, and risk assessments.
Get Started Right Now
Whether you're a founder aiming to build a groundbreaking product, a corporate innovator seeking to drive transformative change, or an investor looking to maximize portfolio success, I am here to empower you with the strategic support and expertise you need.

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