Over 25+ years building startups in SF & Silicon Valley. Now on a journey from tech entrepreneur to VC & portfolio manager.

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Hi, I'm James Thomason. As a technologist and entrepreneur, I've dedicated the last 25 years to building startup companies in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Now, I'm navigating a new path from entrepreneur to VC and portfolio manager. Here, I write about emerging technology trends, the nuances of building startups, and the complexities of trading and investing.

As a Founding Partner at Next Wave Partners, I'm at the forefront of reshaping the venture capital landscape. We're not just another fund; we're a venture studio committed to broadening opportunities for startups and improving the prospects of success for both founders and investors. In my role here, I often step in as an interim CTO or take on the responsibilities of VP of Product or Strategy. It's about applying my hands-on experience to help these companies find their footing and grow.

In parallel, I am also Portfolio Manager our family office, a long-short fund where we employ an active trading strategy to capitalize on market dislocations and volatility. My background gives us an edge in navigating complex sectors like tech, biotech, medtech, fintech, and industrials. We integrate macro, fundamental, AI and alternative data to take concentrated, short and mid term positions in secular growth stories while shorting deteriorating business models. Our approach includes macro and dynamic hedging overlays with strategic use of derivatives, balancing aggressive moves with calculated risk management. We detect early macro and technological shifts earlier than most, allowing us to capitalize on market inefficiencies and drive alpha in a landscape driven by innovation.

Through my writing here, I aim to provide a realistic perspective on the tech industry, drawing from the myriad challenges and successes I've encountered. Whether I'm dissecting a new tech breakthrough, advising a startup on its next move, or navigating complex market dynamics, my insights are rooted in real-life experiences and a deep understanding of the tech landscape.

Join me as I navigate this exciting intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and investment, sharing insights and stories from the front lines of the industry.

Important Disclosures

Before diving into the content here, it is important to understand:

  1. Informational Purposes Only. The information on this site covers a range of topics, including my trading and investment strategies, but it is vital to remember this is for informational purposes only. It is important to stress that nothing shared on this platform constitutes investment advice, financial advice, or legal advice, nor is it an endorsement, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or any financial instruments. The insights I share are rooted in my professional experience and interpretation of financial markets. However, they shouldn't be taken as personalized advice tailored to individual investment goals, financial circumstances, or needs. I strongly urge all readers to seek guidance from a licensed financial professional and to thoroughly research before making any investment decisions.
  2. Trading and Investing is Very Risky. Trading and investment carry inherent risks, and this is especially true for the types of trading I engage in, which often involves emerging tech, biotech, and fintech companies as well as trading in options and other derivatives. These stocks, options, and futures can be particularly volatile, and it's possible to incur significant losses rapidly, including all of and even more than your investment. I am often wrong and I frequently lose money trading. There may be errors in my analysis or in the data presented on this site. Past performance does not guarantee future results. I accept no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of the information on this site.
  3. Conflicts of Interest. Unlike many analysts and writers who discuss the market from a theoretical standpoint, I am actively involved in trading. This means that there is potential for conflict of interest. I may hold positions in, or trade, any of the securities or companies discussed on this site. My holdings and trading decisions could change at any time without notice.