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Benefit from a unique combination of technological expertise and business acumen, honed over a 25-year career at the forefront of Silicon Valley innovation. I provide seasoned guidance to investors seeking to drive growth and innovation in their portfolio companies.

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How I Can Help You

Venture investing is as much about people as it is about ideas. In a constantly evolving tech landscape, you need an expert by your side who can identify high-potential startups, foster their growth, and pave the way for successful exits. Here's how I lend my expertise to make that happen for you.

Deal Flow
In my extensive career in the tech industry, I've built a wide network within the startup ecosystem. This allows me to identify early-stage startups with high potential and provide a consistent and diverse deal flow, positioning you to capture the most promising opportunities.
Due Diligence
Investing in the right startups requires rigorous due diligence. I offer comprehensive technical and strategic due diligence services, utilizing my technical expertise and strategic insight to provide a detailed analysis that will inform your investment decisions and mitigate risks.

Portfolio Support
As an experienced mentor and advisor, I can support your portfolio companies in many ways. From strategic advice and problem-solving to providing guidance on product development and go-to-market strategy, I can help your portfolio companies navigate the challenging startup landscape and ensure their success.

Investment Thesis
Crafting a well-defined investment thesis is crucial for successful venture investing. I can help you develop or refine your investment thesis, leveraging my industry knowledge and experience to define your focus areas, aligning your investment strategy with emerging market trends.

Value Creation
Investment doesn't end once the check is written. I work closely with you and your portfolio companies to unlock innovation, accelerate growth, and create significant value. This includes fostering an innovation culture, implementing growth strategies, and providing hands-on support where needed.

I've successfully led multiple companies to lucrative exits. This experience positions me well to assist with crafting and executing exit strategies that ensure a successful outcome for both the startup and the investor, maximizing returns and enhancing your portfolio's performance.

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Questions and Answers
Q: What industries do you work with?
Over my 25-year career in tech, I've developed extensive experience in various sectors. Specifically, I specialize in software companies, hardware companies, AI, networking, distributed systems, digital infrastructure, augmented reality, and alternative energy. I can bring deep and nuanced understanding of these areas to your investment strategy.
Q: How can you help me make better investment decisions?
As a technologist and entrepreneur, I bring a unique perspective to your investment decisions. I've been on both sides of the table - building and exiting startups, and investing in them. This gives me a unique ability to spot potential red flags and opportunities that others might miss.
Q: How can you help with due diligence?
My extensive hands-on experience allows me to dive deeply into the technical and operational aspects of a startup. I can help assess the product roadmap, specific technology, intellectual property, team capabilities, competitive landscape, and market trends to provide a comprehensive analysis that aids in your investment decisions.
Q: Can you help us source investment opportunities?
Certainly. I am deeply ingrained in the startup ecosystem and have a strong reputation as an industry expert. I can connect you with promising startups that align with your investment strategy, providing unique deal flow opportunities.
Q: What are the benefits of the Perfect Pitch Framework?
The Perfect Pitch Framework is a methodology I've developed that helps you articulate your startup's value proposition in a compelling way to investors. It's been instrumental in securing millions in VC funding.
Q: Do you work with international investors?
Yes, I have worked with investors from all corners of the globe and understand the intricacies of cross-border investments. I can provide the insights and assistance you need to navigate the global startup landscape.
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